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Is your brand perceived in the proper light? Does your logo reiterate your vision? Are your targeted markets being reached by your graphics and visual campaigns?

Is your content resonating with your audience? How do you write a press release? Does the wording and flow of your messaging capture your clients?

Should you even have a Facebook page? If so, what do you want it to look like? How can social media be used to promote your brand/mission? Have you optimized your accounts and Social Media campaigns?

Why should you want to tell your story? How can you best relate your story to your clients? What does this do for your brand?

Is your collection documented? If so, how? Is each piece photographed? Is the overall collection inventory up-to-date and well maintained? Is it something you seek to share with family or friends? Is it inventoried, digitized, or catalogued? How would it best be presented?

What is a certain piece or an entire collection worth? How much is it worth to your family or to someone else entirely? What is its retail price versus its appraisal price versus its auction price? Is it sellable and in what outlet? Where should you go for an estate or specific item's valuation?




Emily Betts Susanin

Emily Betts Susanin works with individuals, brands, corporations,and estates in the Midwest and beyond. Emily attended the University of Denver, where she earned a BA in English and a MBA in Organizational Development & Marketing. After ten years split between Denver and Chicago, she returned to her hometown, Des Moines, Iowa, a place she considers a slice of heaven. She enjoys biking, spending time with family and friends, cooking, aural delights, exploring the Dewey Decimal system, art and writing.